Or: What To Do in the Last Decade of the Anthropocene

The making of an amazing online course

Nati playing with post-it notes on the floor

How to take care of people at an event that could kill them

Stock photo by Cristina Cerda

Running the Finances for our Freelancers Collective with One Awesome Spreadsheet

How to: record great-sounding podcasts over Zoom

Photo by Will H McMahan on Unsplash

Engaging volunteers; learning loops; decision-making; care; celebration

Updated March 21st

Reported Deaths

A practical guide for the aspiring DIY data scientist

A Simple Structure to Hold a New Microsolidarity Community

3 Essential Pillars For a New Mutual Aid Community

Weaving image by Wei-Cheng Wu on Unsplash

Richard D. Bartlett

I write about working together. Me: richdecibels.com My work: thehum.org

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