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Organizing Beyond Organizations

Innovations in tech and organizing strategy deliver political breakthroughs in Spain and Taiwan.

  • Knowledge problems: language is a lossy codec for communicating our internal experiences to other agents, leaving an immense gap between words and meanings.
  • Computation problems: tools like wikis and markets are subject to the massive efficiency gains of concurrency as they decentralize communication both in time and space. But most radical organizations prefer consensus meetings, which are severely constrained by the extremely low bandwidth channel of sequential one-at-a-time utterances.
  • Tirbalism: in organizations, the cognitive biases and psychological needs of most humans act as a constant pressure to prioritise the self-preservation of our collecitve identities ahead of measurable progress towards shared aims.
  1. The international municipalists informally headquartered in Spain.
  2. The conservative anarchists building new democratic forms in Taiwan.



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